Daily cleaning

The company offers you regular cleaning of commercial and private areas. Areas that are cleaned:
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Areas that are cleaned:

  • offices
  • water closets
  • staircases, halls, entrances, and vestibules
  • lifts
  • production area
  • storage area
  • shops
  • changing-rooms, showers, etc.

Daily cleaning belongs to the principal activities of our company. The goal is to ensure clean and well maintained space for clients. The company draws on 80 years of experience, the highest level of services provided as well as long-term satisfaction are guaranteed.

The ambit of cleaning work is divided into daily cleaning, weekly cleaning and monthly cleaning.

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Special cleaning

You will be provided with the non-standard cleaning service. cleaning of carpets with detergent The company will take care of:
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  • window cleaning
  • cleaning of carpets with detergent
  • cleaning of upholstered furniture with detergent
  • deep cleaning of various types of floors
  • degreasing of various structures of floors and coverings
  • applying protective layers on floors
  • cleaning of building sheathing
  • pre-approval cleaning after construction or painters
  • various cleaning types of technological equipment, etc.
  • cleaning in heights

Special cleaning is used to perform non-standard cleaning work that is not and cannot be part of normal maintenance cleaning. The special cleaning is made up of various types of cleaning work, for which a higher qualification and the ability to use special technical-material equipment is required.

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Hygienic service

You will be helped when it comes to keeping your surroundings clean, healthy, and fresh. You will be provided with:
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  • complete equipment of the premises with containers and dispensers
  • a wide assortment set of hygienic products
  • regular replenishment of the hygienic assortment (toilet paper, paper towels for hands, soaps, air fresheners)

Hygienic products are a necessary help in all areas where a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene is required. SIMACEK company helps you to maintain cleanliness, comfort, and healthy environment thanks to a wide offer of its hygienic products.

The containers by SIMACEK company are characterized by a modern design and easy use. Air fresheners will create a pleasant atmosphere and dispensers of disinfectants as well as hand sanitizers help prevent the transmission of bacteria and viruses. All dispensers are refilled on-site by the SIMACEK company expert staff.

The hygienic service and ordering are provided directly for the object of the cleaning. The delivery time is within 48 hours. If there is a storeman or storage space in the building, you can be provided with service immediately as well.

The pricing policy of the company is excellent, because within the whole package sanitary service at lower prices compared to the competition can be provided. In addition, the company can provide your building with a complete hygienic service free of charge. The only condition is that the fillings for the sanitary service have to be taken from the SIMACEK company.


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Exterior maintenance

The company will provide maintenance and care of green as well as paved areas. You will be provided with:
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  • all the activities connected with the care of lawn
  • comprehensive care of plants, shrubs, and trees
  • winter as well as summer pavement and road maintenance

Healthy and well-maintained green spaces that are fresh and cultivated are the priority of the summer maintenance. Summer maintenance includes:

  • lawn mowing
  • mowed grass raking connected with removal
  • creation of new lawn
  • lawn watering
  • grass undersowing
  • fertilisation of grass
  • trees and ornamental plants planting
  • trimming and cutting of bush as well as woody plants
  • mulching
  • plant winterisation
  • cultivation and weeding of lawns
  • paved areas sweeping
  • paved areas washing
  • dirt picking
  • litter bin emptying
  • chewing gum removal
  • paved areas weeding

The winter maintenance priority is to ensure the smooth running of companies and their operations during the winter period, including production, administration, and logistics.

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Staff services

The company will provide you with qualified staff with required expertise. The company will render the staff for:
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  • minor maintenance
  • waste management
  • storage management
  • production workers
  • reception workers
  • other needed personnel

Providing qualified personnel and their organisational leadership is an important part of the functioning of every company. SIMACEK company wants to relieve a client of this demanding activity and help a client find reliable people. Subsequently, the company will take care of an organisational responsibility for its personnel while the individual activities will be carried out on client’s property.

The ambit of work of individual activities is created in cooperation with the client. Thanks to many years of experience, the company helps to make activities more efficient and subsequently save the effort and financial resources.

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Additional services

Everything under one roof in cooperation with an experienced and strong partner. Other offered services:
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  • technical management of buildings
  • equipment revisions
  • re-invoicing of goods and services
  • realisation and furnishing of interiors with furniture
  • rat extermination and disinfestation
  • protective equipment at work
  • doormats
  • drinking regime
  • many other services

SIMACEK company provides a complete complex of services. The goal is to ensure the widest possible range of delivered services within one package. Based on a well-thought-out concept, you will be offered favourable tailor-made solutions in terms of quality, performance, and price.

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